The world-leader card size waterproof phone

Don't worry! You can always count on CM-1 AQUA, whether on a weekend rafting or skiing tour, or a music festival.

Concerned about the safety of your phone?

You don't need to. Here comes the new CM1 Card phone in an incredible range of colours—and you don't need to worry about it.

Even larger buttons

The new CM1 Super Card Phone now comes with larger battery and buttons. It will never fail you, not even during longer tours lasting several days.


The credit card size secondary phone



The world-leading, bank card size waterproof phone!

It’s so slim and light that you can easily keep in your wallet. The 4 GB micro-SD card provides enough storage for your favourite music. You don’t need to worry about the battery: the nearly 6-day standby time is enough for longer journeys or tours, and if you still need to charge it, simply use a standard micro-USB cable.

It’s only 38 grams!


CM1 COLOR – colour card phones


You can take this card size phone with you anywhere.

Just imagine that you’re always available—whether at a music festival or a weekend tour or cycling—and you don’t need to worry about your expensive smartphone.

This inexpensive, bright coloured credit card size phone hiding slim in your pocket as your secondary phone is a perfect device for those days and events when you would otherwise be concerned about the safety of your expensive smartphone.


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CM1 Super


The new CM1 SUPER is a perfect travel mate in all respects, wherever you go. It has all the significant functions a phone must have. Vibration, ring tunes, mute, SMS sending, key lock, alarm, airplane mode, headset, Bluetooth, USB.

Additionally, now it has larger buttons and battery.

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Használjon RADISAFE-et, és VÉDJE fülét, agyát és testét a mobiltelefonok sugárzásától és hőkibocsátásától.


A RadiSafe egyedülálló technológiája harmonizálja a mobilsugárzást, és biológiai szintű védelmet nyújt a felhasználók számára; ez a termék hatásosságának valódi bizonyítéka.


A RadiSafe-et ma már több mint egymillióan használják.